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How We Can Help You..


Clients may pick any one particular service listed on this page according to their need.

Eviction Consultation - Have questions about what to expect when filing an eviction? Call us and speak to an expert today. Cost is FREE for 15min phone sessions. We'll listen and even provide free advice

Pay or Quit Notice Only - Once you sign up for services, we'll immediately send your tenant a "PAY or QUIT" notice. We'll contact the tenant via email, phone call and regular mail. Cost is $50

Eviction Filing Only - This covers the cost for us to file an eviction on your tenant with the appropriate court in the county the house is located in. Fee is $75 - not inclusive of the filing fee

Eviction Dismissal - This covers the cost for us to file an eviction dismissal on your credit. $99 per case number. Luvanex should have handled your eviction to be eligible for this service

Eviction Filing & Court Representation Only - $299 for 1 tenant. This fee covers the cost for us to file the eviction and represent you on the scheduled court date. The fee indicated is inclusive of the first 3 services listed on this page (Consultation + Pay or Quit Notice + Eviction Filling)

Physical Removal Service ONLY - This is the cost for us to physically remove the tenant's belongings. There is a $99 Administrative Fee along with a set fee of $75 for each hired man (the number of men will vary in each county - with 4 to 6 men being the average requirement in most counties. The set fee on a 4men crew is $399

Entire Eviction Package - $599. This cost covers the entire process for Luvanex to oversee your eviction from the very moment you decide it's time to evict your tenant. Breakdown of the cost specifically covers the free consultation, pay or quit notice, eviction filing, representation and the physical removal of the tenant from the property

Please proceed to our pricing page to pick the service you need and pay for it prior to scheduling any of our services or faxing any documents in. Apartments & Management Companies receive a discounted rate on services. *Commercial Property Rate is $325 per tenant/unit - a paypal invoice is generated and sent separately for commercial eviction fees. Please contact us for more information before filling out the "Schedule Eviction" Form