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Evict Non Paying Tenants - Get Your Property Cash-Flowing Again… The ‘Luvanex’ Way!


Are you an out of state landlord who owns investment property in Steele Creek? Do you need to evict your tenant and not sure how to go about it? We can help!

Luvanex has been in the eviction business since 2010 helping landlords evict tenants in both residential & commercial properties within the city of Atlanta. Each eviction is truly unique and shaped specifically by the situation and according to the county the property is located in.

An eviction can be a long, complicated and painful process that takes anywhere from 4-12weeks. Luvanex can help simplify that process by taking the hassle out of your hands and expediting the filing. Our process is simple; we make an initial attempt to contact the tenant to work out the dispute and collect monies owed in rent, while offering a ‘Pay or Quit’ Notice. If the case can’t be resolved this way, we then proceed filing the eviction. You may submit your case by filling out our ‘schedule eviction’ form and picking the appropriate payment option on the ‘make your payment’ page. Please Note: You’ll be required to submit a copy of your lease with the tenant as well as send in all written communication or evidence since your tenant defaulted on the lease terms after submitting the form and making a payment on our website. At this time, Luvanex cannot represent landlords who don’t have a written lease with their tenant.

We highly discourage first time eviction filers (plaintiffs) and out of state landlords from filing an eviction themselves. One mistake on the filing paperwork may cause a serious delay, which will inadvertently prolong the length of the eviction process, costing you more time and money than anticipated, in lost rent.

Luvanex offers an advantage many other eviction companies don’t offer – being a full turnkey service, we are typically able to turn your property around within 72hours of the eviction set-out service (lock out). After an eviction, most properties sit empty for weeks if not months as homeowners shop around for a general contractor to fix the property and then search for a property management company. These services are already available as “Add-On Services” at Luvanex Group through the ancillary services we offer via our subsidiary companies; Luvanex Home Repairs and Luvanex Rentals, respectively. We help renovate your property and start showing it to pre-screened prospective tenants even during the renovation process. We then carefully screen and select a new tenant based on our rental/property management criteria.

If you, the homeowner chooses to sell instead of rent again, then our competent and highly skilled Realtors at Luvanex Realty will work hard to get you an offer you can’t reject. You get to save time and money by using Luvanex Evictions! Let’s get you started by filling out the form on the “SCHEDULE EVICTION” page. Alternatively, if you’d like to start with a free, no obligation consultation, then fill out the form below: